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Digital Competencies for Teaching and Learning (Post Primary)


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    Rickie O'Keeffe
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    The Square
    Co Cork

Course Description

After completing this course teachers will be enabled to be digitally competent in the following Dimensions:

Browsing, searching and filtering data information & digital content.
Participants will be able to access and search for data, information and content in digital
environments in order to:
Articulate information needs
Find relevant information
Select resources effectively ensuring ethical and legal use of information sourced online
Navigate between online sources
Create and update personal search approaches to support differentiated strategies

Evaluating data, organising, storing and retrieving information & digital content.
participants will be able to:
Gather, process, and understand online information
Use strategies required to critically evaluate media content
Use strategies required to judge the validity of content found on the internet
Use strategies and tool necessary to cross check information sources
Use web 2.0 tools to archive, organise, and share resources


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